There is a map below to view exactly where our workshop is. If you are still unclear, here are some directions:

If you are coming across the bridge, drive along the Quay towards the Tower Hotel. Get in the right lane and proceed to go through two sets of lights until you reach intersection with night clubs on three corners. Take a left here! (at third set of lights.)
If you are coming in the Cork Road take a right at the corner of John’s Street. (At the corner of the night clubs)
Drive straight over humpback bridge up to the next set of lights. John’s Hill is directly in front of you.Look up John’s Hill and 150m on the left hand side is a 3 storey sky blue house, 1 Bellevue Terrace.
This Terrace faces down the hill and has garden in the front. Entrance to bindery is behind this house. Parking is on opposite side of road.
Double yellow line on our side of the Hill. Go in Wooden Door at back of house in stone wall.
Workshop is in the back garden.

Click on the marker on the map below to view an image of the house