Thesis Binding FAQs

What are your opening hours?

Monday- Saturday 7.30- 6.00 051-844429

Work can be dropped off outside these hours by appointment including Sundays from Mid- March to Mid- May

What is the turnaround time?

24 -48 hrs Mid-March to Mid –May

Rest of Year Same day, 24- 48hr service

Do I need to book a date for my thesis to be bound ?

It is advisable to contact us and we will send you a booking confirmation as we get quite busy especially in the spring

What are your prices?

€40 is the average cost of a thesis contact us let us know how many you need and if you need it printed and we will email you back a full Quotation printing cost 90c Colour 18c Black and White. Discounts apply for over 500 pages.

Can you deliver?

Yes average cost is €13-€20 depending on weight

How much margin should I leave?

30- 35cm on the left unless your Lecturer wants more

What kind of paper should I use?

We only use 100gm bond and 100gm laser it provides you with a more professionally finished Document

What colours do you have for Thesis covers?

We have all the University bookcloth Colours in Stock

What format should I keep my thesis in?

PDF is the most secure method preferably in one file. This will insure the layout of your document when viewed on any computer.

You can convert on PDF Primo.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information